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Alex Gobbett
Team Interview! Audio Designer – Creating emotion and realism in sound design

Creating an emotionally impactful theme that is cinematic and gritty, while still respecting the military context of a historical action game is one of the most challenging aspects of composing the music for Atrocity: Field of Hands (FoH), says the game’s Audio Designer & Voice Director Alex Gobbett. “It’s not just about the guns – […]

Stacey Meggs, Brian McGee, Terry Sznober, Mark Wheeler, Jeff Mundee, Lori Shpeherd. Cold Furnace Team at #jalloo17!
Cold Furnace @ Jalloo 2017 game conference

Group shot! At #jalloo17, a rare moment to capture so many of the distributed production team together. Special Guest, Brian McGee, Jalloo Festival Organizer.     Stacey Meggs, Atrocity: Field of Hands Producer, presents Brian with his own Cold Furnace tee! Thanks for all you do to make Jalloo an awesome event that we look […]

Mark Wheeler at the range
How to make legit military entertainment

Mark Wheeler at the range.   Cold Furnace is all about building hardcore games that give the player a realistic experience. And our Military Advisors have the first-hand knowledge of direct combat to ensure game designers, artists and devs understand the weapons, strategies and tools of modern warfare. Here to the left, our Mil Advisors […]

Lori Shepherd (center)
Team Interview – Chief Creative Officer! An entrepreneur: From civil servant to games

Lori Shepherd (center)   It takes a certain amount of grit, fearlessness, and a serious sense of adventure to pick up and move to the Arctic. But that’s exactly what Cold Furnace Chief Creative Officer & President Lori Shepherd did. “Life in the Eastern Arctic is amazing, beautiful, awe inspiring. The sense of community there is […]

Jalloo Logo
Gearing up for Jalloo 2017 – conference and animation festival

Animators and game industry professionals across Canada’s Atlantic coast are gearing up for the Jalloo 2017 Conference and Animation Festival, 15-17 June. Cold Furnace Studios will sponsor the event for the third year running, adding a third speaker to its lineup of presenters. Also new to the event this year will be an open house […]

Jeff presents on Live-Ops Game Design at #jalloo17
Team Interview – Game Design Director! Man on a mission

Jeff Mundee is a gaming lifer on a personal mission. “One of my primary goals is around building a better game industry in New Brunswick and the Maritimes. For me, that means creating a stronger workforce of people locally (through teaching at the university), supporting indie developers, and working directly with Cold Furnace to build a AAA […]

Max Rampage
Team Interview- Community rep and smack talker checks in from overseas deployment

Community Rep and Smack Talker Max Rampage checked in this week, four months into a nine-month overseas deployment. “It is hot here and getting hotter each day, which is not the best news for a fair-skinned, half-ginger day walker like myself,” he joked. Max is an Artillery Officer and SME in the area of fire […]

Mark Wheeler waits for fire orders
Team Interview – CEO and Chief Military Advisor!

Mark Wheeler waits for fire orders.   Mark Wheeler has a vision. A soldier and avid gamer, he’s combined his career and his love of games to build a dream: a company focused on creating a new era of military-themed entertainment. “We’re offering realistic experiences, whether that means access to authentic weapons or having to […]

David Desjardins
Team Interview – Game Artist! Injured vet finds healing in digital art and basketball

What do highland fencing & 17th century musketry have in common with designing video games? Not a whole lot, unless you’re the guy in the kilt. A 15-year veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces who served multiple tours in Afghanistan and the Balkans, Dave Desjardins never expected to be part of a team developing a […]

Real Game Media Logo
RGM : “Cold Furnace Studios is thinking outside the box”

An interview with Cold Furnace reveals ‘unorthodox’ methods for bringing first-hand military experience to the fore-front of our games. Our team’s game research featured here. Check it out!