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From left, Don Perrin, Producer, Kathy Plamback, QA, and Aaron Guenther, Associate Producer
Cold Furnace Gathers for San Diego Conference

From left, Don Perrin, Producer, Kathy Plamback, QA, and Aaron Guenther, Associate Producer   Members of the Cold Furnace team gathered for a conference in San Diego last week. This was an exciting opportunity for […] Read More

Matt at CFRB Hamilton
Combat Medic Lends New Perspective

Matt Bungay at CFRB Hamilton Cold Furnace Studios brings together an impressive group of military advisors, including writers and artists with military experience, for its debut game. But combat medic Matt Bungay offers a new […] Read More

Don Perrin
Veteran Author, Designer and Project Manager to Produce Atrocity: Field of Hands

  Don Perrin, Cold Furnace Studios producer for our debut game, Atrocity: Field of Hands, is a veteran writer, IT professional and former Canadian Army Officer. Don wrote a series of fantasy/scifi novels in the Mag Force […] Read More

CEO & Chief Military Advisor Mark Wheeler firing the M1 Garand
Devs get hands-on weapons experience at Cold Furnace

  There’s nothing like hands-on experience. So in building its military-themed game, Cold Furnace staff goes beyond the traditional tools of game development. Programmers, artists and other members of the team working on Atrocity: Field of Hands receive training […] Read More

Alex Gobbett
Team Interview! Audio Designer – Creating emotion and realism in sound design

Creating an emotionally impactful theme that is cinematic and gritty, while still respecting the military context of a historical action game is one of the most challenging aspects of composing the music for Atrocity: Field […] Read More

Stacey Meggs, Brian McGee, Terry Sznober, Mark Wheeler, Jeff Mundee, Lori Shpeherd. Cold Furnace Team at #jalloo17!
Cold Furnace @ Jalloo 2017 game conference

Group shot! At #jalloo17, a rare moment to capture so many of the distributed production team together. Special Guest, Brian McGee, Jalloo Festival Organizer.     Stacey Meggs, Atrocity: Field of Hands Producer, presents Brian […] Read More

Mark Wheeler
How to make legit military entertainment

  Cold Furnace is all about building hardcore games that give the player a realistic experience. And our Military Advisors have the first-hand knowledge of direct combat to ensure game designers, artists and devs understand […] Read More

Lori Shepherd
Team Interview – Chief Creative Officer! An entrepreneur: From civil servant to games

It takes a certain amount of grit, fearlessness, and a serious sense of adventure to pick up and move to the Arctic. But that’s exactly what Cold Furnace Chief Creative Officer & President Lori Shepherd did. […] Read More

Jalloo Logo
Gearing up for Jalloo 2017 – conference and animation festival

Animators and game industry professionals across Canada’s Atlantic coast are gearing up for the Jalloo 2017 Conference and Animation Festival, 15-17 June. Cold Furnace Studios will sponsor the event for the third year running, adding […] Read More

Team Interview – Game Design Director! Man on a mission

Jeff Mundee is a gaming lifer on a personal mission. “One of my primary goals is around building a better game industry in New Brunswick and the Maritimes. For me, that means creating a stronger workforce of […] Read More