Month: April 2017

Max Rampage
Team Interview- Community rep and smack talker checks in from overseas deployment

Community Rep and Smack Talker Max Rampage checked in this week, four months into a nine-month overseas deployment. “It is hot here and getting hotter each day, which is not the best news for a fair-skinned, half-ginger day walker like myself,” he joked. Max is an Artillery Officer and SME in the area of fire […]

David Desjardins
Team Canada Arrives in Victoria! Cold Furnace Artist reports in

As Team Canada arrives in Victoria, BC, for the first week of training in the run-up to the 2017 Invictus Games, Cold Furnace’s very own artist and military advisor, Dave Desjardins, is on hand with updates. “This is an incredible experience already, and I’ve already overcome so many barriers,” said Dave. “And that was after […]

Mark Wheeler waits for fire orders
Team Interview – CEO and Chief Military Advisor!

Mark Wheeler waits for fire orders.   Mark Wheeler has a vision. A soldier and avid gamer, he’s combined his career and his love of games to build a dream: a company focused on creating a new era of military-themed entertainment. “We’re offering realistic experiences, whether that means access to authentic weapons or having to […]