Month: March 2017

Scott, while on tour in Iraq
Team Interview – Lead Game Writer! Inspiration comes from the oddest places

Scott, while on tour in Iraq   Rumors abound about the weirdness of writers. It’s said that Victor Hugo wrote in the nude when faced with a tough deadline, instructing his valet to confiscate all his clothes so he wouldn’t be able to leave the house. Truman Capote called himself a “completely horizontal author,” claiming he […]

David Desjardins
Team Interview – Game Artist! Injured vet finds healing in digital art and basketball

What do highland fencing & 17th century musketry have in common with designing video games? Not a whole lot, unless you’re the guy in the kilt. A 15-year veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces who served multiple tours in Afghanistan and the Balkans, Dave Desjardins never expected to be part of a team developing a […]

Terry Sznober
Team Interview – Game Dev Director! Fast cars, faster computers drives this game dev director

Terry Sznober has a thing about fast cars and faster computers. He drives a sleek, electric blue Subaru BRZ sports coupe and programmed his own 3D graphics when the rest of the world was just learning about Windows. Terry taught himself to code graphics on a Tandy Color Computer 2 when he was just 12 years […]